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Feb 10, 2007



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Local Elite

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I was an 800/1500 runner in high school and college, with PRs of 1:55 and 4:08. I've run as fast as 16:15 for 5k and 1:20 for a half, but my bests in recent years are 17:07 5k (Dec. '11), 37:40 10k (Jan. '12), 1:23:49 half (Sept. '08), 2:53:12 marathon (September '10), and 4:45:06 50k (March '10).

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Late 2015/2016 races: 

— Seattle Soltice 10k (Dec. 19)

— Nookachamps half marathon (Jan. 16)

— Toyko Marathon (Feb. 28) 


I'm an editor at a newspaper in Bremerton, Washington and head coach of the Bremerton Jaguars youth track and field team.

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Race: Bloomsday (7.46 Miles) 00:44:10, Place overall: 110, Place in age division: 17
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Before I get to how I did, I need to mention how this race did: fantastic. I've never seen a better organized event for that many people. (Of course, I've never run with 55,000 others either.) Weather was t-stormy the night for the expo but cleared up Sunday morning and we had a clear, crisp morning. No problems parking or getting bathrooms/a mile warm-up/starting place in our flight. Well-marked course, bands throughout (better than a Rock 'N Roll marathon, by the way, though leaned a little heavy on church worship bands. They must cancel church on Bloomsday in Spokane). People cheering all over the course, which is great. And a great finish area for the second seed runners: massage, complimentary photos, donuts, coffee, pizza, ice cream, beer tent, water, and uh, over in a corner a table of bananas. We indulged. 

Now to the actual running part. Like I said, we were in the second seed group, right behind the elites, and jostled our way into a fair spot. Not at the back, but probably not quite as close as I would have liked. A lot of dodging and weaving through 600m or so. I lost Mike steps out of the gate because of the crowd but apparently he tracked me pretty well through mile 1, just seven seconds behind. I missed the marker so wasn't sure what I was doing, but I figured it would be quick. So I tried not to get overzealous. There was some wind, but it hadn't felt like much so far. Still, you never know if that will hit.

Mile 2 has a long downhill so again, I aimed to run a good pace but not kill myself. Hit the marker in 11:25, so I had two sub-6s under my belt, just as planned. (They were most likely 5:45 and 5:40, based on where Mike was.) Headed up the first hill without too much trouble, held my ground and came off the uphill with momentum. Aimed to keep the pace even there at 6, and did — 6:04. I was through 3 still feeling very strong and light, so I knew I had a good race going. There's another quick hill you hit there, but no problems, and another fast mile getting pulled along with a little group — 5:54.

I knew Doomsday was around the corner at that marker, and everyone had been talking it up as pretty devastating. I'm pretty confident on the hills this year, so I was looking forward to it after a fast mile. Even if I lost time, I was on a good pace. There's a decent descent heading toward Doomsday where you are watching it, which is kind of intimidating. I tucked in with two other guys and we kind of did a little shuffle at the base of the hill. We worked up together, and crested with some momentum. It's a steep hill, but not as long as I feared. And I did feel pretty strong heading, nailed a 6:13.

At that point I knew sub-45 was possible. I was still with the two guys from the hill, and we battled it in together for another good mile, 6:08. Maybe a little slow in retrospect, but the hill zaps you a bit and I wanted something left for mile six. There were a lot of packs pulling up on us through the neighborhoods, so as each would go by I'd pull a little bit more. I focused on that 45 mark, kept doing the mental math, and hit 7 in 5:55 as we cruised by a Black Crowes cover band (my favorite of the day, outside the bucket drummers, I love those). There's a long straightaway there before a 90-degree turn toward the chute. The guy we stayed with, Donny (Mike's brother-in-law) had warned me about it. He said at that turn you're there, so start the engine early. I took off at maybe 150m before the turn (where the band was playing 'The Final Countdown,' another nice music boost), hoping Donny hadn't underestimated. I left the guy I had been pacing with, snuck passed a group of four youngsters (20-24 age group) before the turn and cruised down, holding them off. It was the best kick I've had in a long time (it is downhill), I was really pepped up and passed one guy (and almost a second, needed three more steps or so).

The clock time was 44:20, but my watch says 44:10 because of the delay at the start. I'm not sure why the official results are the clock rather than chip, weird. But no matter, I was almost a minute faster than the goal time, really enjoyed every step of it and felt light and strong, and was really, really impressed with the race overall. Mike was two minutes back of me and Henry was around 49 minutes, and we did another mile cool down after hooking up past the finish.

After spending an hour or so in the second seed aid tent, it started to cloud up and cool off, so we went back to Donny's and cleaned up, then he brought out the "nacho table." This might have been the real highlight of the day. He put a plastic table cloth down on the dining room table, then dumped nacho fixings in piles all over the table. Then dumped chips all over the place and you just built nachos right in front of you, pigging out with your hands. What a great idea. Then we drove home, and it was uneventful.

supernova glide -- 100

Total Distance

Eight out Tracyton Beach Road to the usual turnaround and back; can't use Lions Park because it's under construction so I stuck to Lebo. On the way out 7:30 pace, picked it up some on the return because my hands were freezing. Sun was out breaking over the horizon, but it was a gloves morning and I didn't wear gloves. They've thawed enough to type, however. 

Felt good, no lingering soreness or fatigue from Sunday. Guess I didn't run hard enough that day. 58:47

supernova glide -- 108

Total Distance

Manette Hills loop on a cloudy, cool morning. Threw in two additional side street hills to boost the elevation gain; it's not a really extreme run but does go up and down quite a bit (in Bremerton, they just paved over the hills when they built the place). Felt good, maintained a really nice, medium pace. 44:45

supernova glide -- 114

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Whoops, a little unintended break that lasted longer than I thought. Decided to spend the weekend doing non-running activities for the first time in a long while, and then it was raining yesterday morning. So I was crawling back out today, need to find my rhythm again. I missed it, and I'm ready to get going now. Five-mile race this weekend, marathon in a month.

Warren-Manette bridge route, with some added distance through downtown Bremerton (notably busy for 6:45 a.m.) and then back on Shore Drive. Kept the pace medium, held back sometimes from pushing too much. 45:10

supernova glide

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 Workout day -- Good midweek morning, even thought the isn't out like I had hoped. Wanted some tempo miles, with a five-mile race on tap for Saturday I'll have two chances to do that type of workout this week.

Two miles warm up out to the Warren Ave bridge, then started the tempo run at half-marathon pace. First mile is always fast because of a short downhill stretch, and I hit the first mile, just past Lions Park, in 5:45. Then Tracyton Beach Road flattens out, more or less, and I did a 6:13. Turned after the #2 marker and did a 6:08, then turned again (rather than just return past the park and go up the hill) and did a 5:58. Felt strong the whole way through.

Four miles back, taking it easy but at least one of them was around 7. Legs felt pretty heavy by the last couple of hills in Manette, I was a little zapped by then. Double helping of toast at breakfast to get a little energy back for what is promising to be a long day.

supernova glide -- 130

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Dragging a little today, even with the beautiful sunny morning to get me going. Yesterday tired me out some. So I just did four easy miles around the neighborhood, back and forth on Shore Drive and some detour through that part of Manette. Nice and loose, around 7:30 pace. 29:10

supernova glide -- 133

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Race: Viking Fest 5 Mile (5 Miles) 00:28:18, Place overall: 5
Total Distance

Perfect day for my first Viking Fest race, and it went just about as well as I could have hoped. There's a reason this is one of the most popular races in Kitsap County. 

I met Mike and Tracy early and we carpooled to Poulsbo, found parking and had an hour or so to kill. We walked through downtown once, got our numbers, used a bathroom and Mike and I jogged a mile or so. By the time we were back at the start it was pretty packed for a local festival race. The starter said 750 were pre-registered, and I'd guess another few hundred paid day-of-race. So maybe 1,000 in the crowd, which is pretty cool for a small town run. Beautiful morning, sunny and clear and pretty warm (probably 60 at start time).

Some fast names though, guys I see around all the time (or at the top of local lists). So I was hoping to hang with a few of them. The North Kitsap XC team was also at the line (although they must have been the guys who didn't qualify for district track meets, so it wasn't the young fliers). 

The race begins with a nice two-block slight downhill, and we took off quick. A guy named Todd and I led the pack at the first turn (Todd's known for taking the lead like that) and we led a pack of five through the first mile. A 5:17, so I knew we were doing this for real.

The pack of five separated a bit after that mile, with notorious two top guys pulling away. A group of three of us stuck together, and watched one other guy move in. I settled into sixth at maybe the two-mile mark, after a 5:40 (or so, I cleared my watch so I'm going by memory for splits 2, 3, and 4). The course is really nice through those miles, for 1 and 2 you look out over Liberty Bay on a slightly rolling course, then 3 and 4 are through a wooded neighborhood that doesn't have much incline at all. I held my position through those miles, watching 4/5 and keeping them within range. I was pretty proud of myself for doing that, mentally it's not always easy for me to keep contact. But I really wanted top five, and hung in there with two more sub-5:50s.

We hit mile 4 and I had #5 in sight, still maybe 6-8 seconds up. I just couldn't get a surge that would gain significant ground. I knew a hill was coming, and planned to attack him there, thinking maybe he wouldn't know it was out there. His form was drooping a little and he was glancing back, both I took as good signs. Numero four I could see, but he wasn't going to be touched and still moved really well.

After my watch hit 3:30 or so for the split we found the hill. Sure enough, #5 wasn't ready for it. A steep little burst of a hill, but not nearly as long as I had mentally prepared for. So I rushed him there, pushing pretty hard with what I had left, and took him right at the crest. I could see the turn to the final stretch there, and started my kick. Left the guy and cruised through the last minute or so, hitting 5:38 for the final mile and soaking it up down Front Street, which is a quaint little Norweigian stretch that gets lined with people. Kind of like an old Scandanavian person's Mardi Gras.

So I nailed fifth place, came in just over 28, and really enjoy the race. Mike was top-10 also, and fellow Slug Henry was really pleased with his time. We hung around and talked to some people but didn't get any cool down miles, choosing to get away from the crowds descending for the parade. (More disappointing than no extra miles was missing out on a Viking donut from Sluy's bakery, or the Sons of Norway pancake feed.) I went straight to the Bremerton High track after the race to help out with this youth track team I'm involved with, and ran an 800 with a 10-year-old girl who I'm going to turn into a distance runner this summer. Then I did yard work for four hours. I'm going to hurt tomorrow morning, I can already feel it.

But, totally worth it. What a day. Now, in a few weeks, something a little longer.

supernova glide -- 140

Total Distance

Hybrid of the Mantte Hills/bridges run (had to detour and hit the YMCA bathroom). 44:25

supernova glide --  146

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Out Tracyton Beach Road to the turnaround and back home. Legs felt very heavy and tired today, especially my hamstrings. Probably leftovers from the race Saturday and then softball for a few hours Sunday. Slogged through, 7:30 pace. 58:53

supernova glide --  154

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Early, drizzly morning at Evergreen Park. Mike and I wanted the long run on a weekday because we're both busy tomorrow, so we decided to sneak a trip all the way around Dyes Inlet in before work. Weather could have been better. But I've always wanted to circumnavigate the inlet. Felt like the Magellean of Kitsap County running.

Headed west from the park, initially just crawling through the hills and out Kitsap Way to Northlake Way, the split left and took the long route around to Chico Way. North on Chico Way at a decent clip, quick pit stop at an extremely well-placed espresso stand with a surprisingly nice bathroom, and then onto Silverdale Way to the waterfront park. (And if you're reading remotely: yes, those roads are all named 'way.' The 'way' designation continues when Silverdale Way becomes Viking Way in Poulsbo. There's also Wheaton Way in Bremerton, but it doesn't connect as seamlessly.)

The park is near halfway, we took a quick stop for water/gu/salt tablet. Felt alright, but dragging some. No pain, but I didn't feel fresh. We weren't marking miles, but I think we had a pretty decent pace going. Especially on the hills -- Mike was complaining, but he was working up them.

Through the park, then Bucklin Hill to Tracyton Beach Road, where we turned and headed south on the other side of Dyes Inlet. Hilly stretch, that. We were both really working the whole way back, nothing more than the usual breakdown that 20 miles on the road does to the legs though. Two more salt tablets, but not other fuel more than water. We hit the Warren Bridge and decided to tack on another 1.5 through Manette and that bridge. Glad we did, even though mentally it all felt uphill. Good to be done, energy level was actually really good but the legs were just ready to say 'enough.' 2:24:30.

Then I went to Hi-Lo Cafe for breakfast and loaded up before a long day at work. Not quite the week I had planned, but I'm glad to get the long mileage in. I'll try to get another decent run Sunday, and that's it for two weeks until race day.

supernova glide -- 174

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Over in Seattle, didn't get a Saturday run because I was at a kids' track meet all day. I'm helping coach the Bremerton Jaguars, though on meet day that feels more like babysit for five hours with short bursts of coaching when the kids actually get on the track. We have  lot of little guys on the team, and keeping 6-year-olds tuned in is tough. For the first meet of the year it was a success, but no time for a run. I was on my feet all day though, and no ill affects from Friday's 20 miles. 

Sunday morning I was in Seattle and did my five-mile Burke Gilman/Husky Stadium loop with my brother. Good to run with him because it kept the pace easy. Legs feeling alright now. 38:45

brooks cascadia -- 135

Total Distance

I ran the workout with the girls I'm coaching tonight, and did a 100-200-300-400 ladder and back down. I should get extra workout points for yelling 'let's go!' 145 times or so. Rather than hang around the track for more miles, I drove over to Illahee Preserve and did the trails for 30 minutes at a comfortable pace, with 6x100 striders at the end on the road. By the end my legs started feeling heavy, I think I'm still shaking Friday's long run out of my legs. 

supernova glide -- 179

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11th-Shore Drive loop, regular pace. Rain's here, and it looks like it's staying. 38:51

supernova glide --  184

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Morning run along Beach Drive w/Henry, and a guy named Hans joined us. Rain held off, which was nice.
We started easy and slowly progressed into a decent pace. We went 8:04, 7:31, 7:16, then a 7:04 with an uphill and a quick one at 6:52 before the turn. Backed off to a 7:12 and 7:09, then another fast one, 6:47, followed by 7:02, 6:56, and a 7:25. And I somehow missed one, which is confusing. 1:19:38
The essence is it was a good tune-up one week out from the marathon, my legs felt lighter than they have in a week. And the quick miles were really smooth. A little pain/tightness in the left hip at the end of the run, but plenty of energy.
After that I went to track practice and tried to keep the girls focused through a light workout and relay practice. That was more difficult than the 12 miles. The excuses I heard on why practice should be cut short: someone needs to go to the mall, one needed to play video games, one needed to go back to sleep. Kids these days.

supernova glide -- 196

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Discovery Park loop w/Krissy. A mile from her house, then the five-mile outer loop, and back. Easy pace, with wasn't hard since she had run 33 the day before, though even an easy pace has to handle the hills there. I felt good after Saturday's 12, but need to taper this week. 64:00

supernova glide --  204

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Hiked up Green Mountain with Timm once the sun came out. It's probably 9 miles all told. We jogged a little on the downhill, but these aren't really miles. Just a nice thing to do on a taper week to keep my legs moving. 

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