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Nookachamps 10k

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Feb 10, 2007



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Local Elite

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I was an 800/1500 runner in high school and college, with PRs of 1:55 and 4:08. I've run as fast as 16:15 for 5k and 1:20 for a half, but my bests in recent years are 17:07 5k (Dec. '11), 37:40 10k (Jan. '12), 1:23:49 half (Sept. '08), 2:53:12 marathon (September '10), and 4:45:06 50k (March '10).

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Late 2015/2016 races: 

— Seattle Soltice 10k (Dec. 19)

— Nookachamps half marathon (Jan. 16)

— Toyko Marathon (Feb. 28) 


I'm an editor at a newspaper in Bremerton, Washington and head coach of the Bremerton Jaguars youth track and field team.

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Race: Nookachamps 10k (6.2 Miles) 00:37:40, Place overall: 7
Total Distance

The somewhat-annual trip north for Nookachamps seemed promising early in the week: weather was dry but cold, I was feeling good, my dad was in town to join on the drive and watch. The weather report changed Friday, however, and stuck us with a day that qualified as the race's "winter running" advertisement. 

Temp in the 30s and rain and sleet/slush the whole drive up (at least the organizers have the mercy to start the run at 10). Warmed up for two miles in a sideways rainfall, and I have to admit I wasn't really encouraged. But our old friend Dal Wylie was at the gym, so that brightened things. Dal is 70 or so, he's the old dairy farmer who taught me to run long distances for training in high school. He and his farmer buddies had a running group, and Wednesday evenings they'd do 10-15 around the fields or in the hills. He knew my dad, so he started dragging me along; and look how that turned out.

I stripped down and headed to do a few strides in the rain on Laventure, there was a big field as usual. Ran into Mac Cameron at the start line, he's one of my XC buddies from high school who I haven't seen since then. So at least I had a distraction from the weather.

A group of the 10k runners grouped together from the start (there was also a 5k and half). Five of us or so ran a 5:44 first mile, which ends with 1/4 mile or so of an uphill, then blazed a 5:30 second mile, which has a nice long descent. The pack had broke loose at that point, but I kept a guy in orange in sight, since he told me he was running 36:00-pace. I felt good until he turned off Swan Road to the hill that goes up to Baker Heights. A southern wind blew straight in our face at that point, and it was icy. Then the hill comes after 1/4 mile -- that split was destined to suck, so maybe it's ok I missed it. I still had orange guy in sight at the top, but two others had pulled between us. I got my act together on the 4th mile when the course leveled out, though I was feeling the cold and wet. I'm guessing the splits were 7 (or more) and a little over 6 minutes for those two.

At that point I caught a really small kid, he was 15. Really tough kid, he was hurting but he wouldn't let me go. I thought I'd shake him right away, but he stuck with me to the end until I outkicked him. So it was kind of fun to have some competition for the last miles, especially the Martin Road hill (another steep one) and the cruise through the SVC track. I had lost sight of orange shirt and the rest of the top five during mile 5 and actually stopped looking at my watch sometime in there, so it was good to have the kid keep me somewhat focused so I could finish with a good kick. Crossed the line at 37:40, I think I was seventh and maybe second or third age-group, and of course it stopped raining then.

The time was slower than I wanted, but still a faster race than two years ago on the same course, when the weather was gorgeous and sunny. So I'll take it as a positive sign for where I'm at. I do need another 10k this year though, I'd like to see what I can do on a course without so many hills, and maybe on a sunny day.

Mile cool down around the college, then went for some chili -- they scorched it, and ran out of coffee. Boo. So we bagged the awards ceremony and went for burritos.

From Jon on Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 05:49:23 from

It's amazing how fast those young kids are at short distances.

Nice race. Too bad about the post-race refreshments.

From David Nelson on Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 14:25:03 from

I think it's amazing the number of really young kids at races these days. I never would have shown up at a winter 10k in high school, and I was a runner. There were at least two big groups of junior high or so age kids running together, and at least one group that couldn't have been more than 8 or 9 years old. I've been wondering lately if these are kids whose parents are too smart to let them get their heads banged around in PeeWee football, and want to develop a real skill instead. Would be a good thing for US distance running in the future, I'd imagine.

From DLTheo on Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 18:49:45 from

It seems to me like you ran a great race, especially after such a fast start in the first two miles. And you out-kicked a young guy, which is tough to do. Congrats!

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